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Compound 20 – 2 capsules with breakfast then 2 capsules with a pre-workout meal or snack (optional: use Jack3d Micro or Jack3d as pre-workout supplement)

PowerFULL – 1 capsule 2x times a day

Test Powder – 2 scoops (10 grams) with food
(WARNING: only use it for 6 consecutive days then rest 1 day)

Prime – 2 capsules pre-workout and 2 capsules before bed

Since these are mostly natural ingredients, you can take them without cycling off. The only exception is Test Powder; you need to rest at least one day after six consecutive days. Load up and you’re good to go!


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Asteroid 2.0 Stack contains:

1 Bottle USPLabsTest Powder Fruit 240gm
1 Bottle USPLabs Compound 20 132 caps
1 Bottle USPLabs Powerfull 90 caps
1 Bottle USPLabs Prime 150 caps
USPLabs Test Powder

One word… Alpha…

The lead dog. The one everyone envies and are subconsciously drawn to… Its built entire empires, even when those who possess it are not even close to physical specimens…
Just imagine what you could accomplish with some of that… Its safe to say there’s not a man in America, or the world for that matter, that deep down doesn’t want more “alpha”…

…Just a little bit so the girl who doesn’t know you exist all of a sudden feels tingly upon your presence…

…So that moment of being tongue tied is replaced with laughter and room control…

…So that loudmouth messing with you will think twice and move on to an easier target… That’s what it means to activate your inner alpha.

…Think anything could stop you?

You want more Alpha? Then you need Test Powder: The Alpha Activator

USPLABS Compound 20
About 20 years ago, the Beta-2 andrenoceptor became legendary virtually overnight when bodybuilders began to notice the incredible effects certain asthma drugs had on developing lean muscle and burning bodyfat...

Bigger, Stronger AND Leaner?

Ok, Keep Talking... In short, this receptor, when activated, can increase cAMP, which activates Akt signaling, which results in decreased muscle catabolism by decreasing expression of various muscle specific ubiquitin protein ligases (e.g., atrogin-1/MAFbx), which are thought to be responsible for muscle protein degradation...

Furthermore, working through cAMP and non-cAMP mediated mechanisms, ultimately results in increased activation of mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) signaling...

In a nutshell, it can potentially prevent muscle from breaking down, while also increasing muscle size... If this weren't enough, by also increasing cAMP in fat tissue, Hormone Sensitive Lipase (HSL) is activated, which stimulates lipolysis and can potentially lead to a reduction of fat mass!

Spillover - Avoid At All Costs!

You see, your body not only has Beta-2 receptors, it also has additional closely-related receptors that most compounds in this class have "spillover" towards - meaning they activate the Beta-2 receptor, but also activate others...

...More is better right? Not in this case... 

Related receptors are located on places other than muscle & fat - so that's why some potent Beta-2 agonists come with nasty side effects like extreme jitters, cramping and an overall "feel like crap" day in and day out...

...It's not the Beta-2 activation that causes these issues - it's the spillover...

Super-Selective Beta-2 Activity

Independent third-party research has uncovered compounds that are found in food that are so selective, scientific data shows it almost exclusively activates Beta-2 in vitro...

This lead to the formulation of: Compound 20

A New Category?

Of course, as the results from our beta-testing logs poured in, everyone tried to figure out exactly what "category" Compound 20 was in...
Can't Put This Bad Boy In A Box

Get ready for an entire new category, one that can be used by itself or within your stack (unless your goal is to get fat and weak!)...Category Awesome

USPLabs Powerfull

PowerFULL is different as you may feel it working.

  • Promotes natural Testosterone production!
  • Dramatically increase quality of sleep.
  • Significantly increase endurance.
  • Get more out of each hour of sleep - Feel better on less sleep!
  • Increases blood flow.
  • Greatly enhanced Mind/Muscle connection - by increasing dopamine, the dopamine neurons of the brain are activated that are essential for normal movement and sensori-motor integration.
  • Improves athletic movements and increase contractile strength with weight training.

What Makes PowerFULL So Potent?

A few years back a compound hit the bodybuilding scene with a lot of promise. It had great scientific research to back it up. That compound´s name was L-Dopa. As you may know, L-Dopa could never duplicate its scientific performance in the real world.

  • Specific bioactive alkaloids Mucunine Purienine, Pruriendine (MPP)
  • Specific Triterpene steroid saponins and saponegins from Chlorophytum Borivilianum
As if that wasn´t enough, we´ve added another unique compound to the PowerFULL formula. (They don´t call USP Labs "The Herbal Extract Experts" for nothing).

PurSap is the second weapon in the PowerFULL arsenal. PurSap is pretty cool (and unique) because it´s a Hormonal Adaptagen. You may not have heard much about Hormonal Adaptagens just yet. But I promise you this will be a buzz term you will hear for years to come. Just remember where you heard it first.

Your body responds to stress with hormonal release. Whether it´s stress from work, the gym, your girlfriend or even food your body always reacts with hormones. This can be good or bad, depending on which hormones are released and in what quantity. 

In short, Hormonal Adaptagens like the specific alkaloids found in PowerFULL, will make your body more efficient in response to stress. You will release more testosterone, less estrogen and basically "supercharge" your hormonal output!

PurSap´s action is primarily supportive and restorative. It appears to assist the hormone control systems of the body, making them more efficient. Since these hormones are "conductors" of the entire orchestra of physiological process their effect will cascade throughout the body.

Stigmasterol, the chief ingredient of PureSap, is structurally similar to that of testosterone, which may help support the blood level of this hormone.

Since PowerFULL has so many positive benefits, it´s impossible to place into one category. It´s more than a testosterone Booster. It´s more than a sleep aid.

USPLabs Prime

How does USPLabs Prime work?

This is an interesting question. Because we found no evidence for androgenic activity, we believe it to have anti-glucocorticoid effects, providing a possible mechanism for the increase muscle mass seen with USPLabs Prime. It may also be something related to improved nutrient absorption or utilization.

What can I expect to experience when taking USPLabs Prime?

  • Muscle Gains
  • Does not cause shut-down or suppression!
  • Promotes Muscle Gain of Thick, Dense Variety!
  • Extremely Potent Re-composition Effects
  • Enormous Strength Gains
  • Incredible Recovery Speed
  • All-Day Muscle Fullness/Hardness
  • Train harder and longer than you ever have
  • Incredible Euphoria
  • Safe to use in competition
Obviously, everyone loves the effects of androgenic-anabolic substances such as pro-hormones. They allow you to gain muscle and strength, while losing fat. Unfortunately, they also come with a set of drawbacks, including prostate issues, gynecomastia, cardiovascular problems and one that many are likely very familiar with - Testosterone suppression & post cycle therapy (PCT). Every time you stop using such androgenic-anabolic substances, you are invariably required to take a number of other products designed to help your body recover endogenous testosterone production. If you don't, you'll lose the muscle and strength you've gained and gain back the fat. In fact, you'll end up right back where you started or worse.
What you need is something that is highly anabolic, yet doesn't suppress testosterone production. Sounds easy; yet such compounds are rarer than a 1903 T3 Honus Wagner (for all you baseball card collectors out there). By now, you expect USPlabs to deliver unique products and formulations others simply cannot.

We have, in fact, found a formula which produces significant anabolic activity in humans without hormonal suppression!

In our own pilot study, a group of 12 exercising men were found to experience the following, on average, over a 30-day period while using USPLabs Prime:

  • Increase in body weight
  • Increase in lean body mass
  • Decrease in fat mass
  • Increase in bench press strength (3 RM)
  • Increase in squat strength (3 RM)

How long until USPLabs Prime starts to work?

Most have noticed increased workout production and overall body hardening within a few days. However, everyone agrees by the end of week 3 USPLabs Prime is in full force - running through your veins and demonstrating the unique anabolic effects!

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